2/11/09 update



ELECTROCUTION Utilities Worker Electrocuted (an autopsy is scheduled for a utilities worker who was electrocuted while working on some power lines – worker, 30, was working from a bucket truck when he contacted the power lines – crews lowered him to the ground and started CPR, but it was too late – he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead)

LOTOI/GUARDING FATALITY North Side envelope factory worker dies (an envelope manufacturer lost one of its plant workers, 54, during a machinery accident – he was found caught in machinery by two coworkers – the plant workers freed him from the envelope machinery and called 911 – emergency medical personnel transported him to a Medical Center where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival)

Natural Gas Worker Dies on Chesapeake site (worker, 25, died on the job from what examiners believe to be a head injury – authorities believe the incident was just an accident, but will conduct a thorough investigation to make sure there was no foul play involved – detectives hope their investigation will determine what exactly he was doing at the time of his death, and pass it on to the company once that is determined)

Utility Workers Hurt In Fall From Pole (two utility workers trying to restore power were hospitalized after they fell nearly forty feet – a homeowner called 9-1-1 after he saw a utility pole snap – the workers went down with it – the incident started when one of their utility trucks got stuck in a ditch – they called someone to help pull it out, but they showed up when the two were near the top of the pole – when they started to move the truck, a cable connected to the pole got tangled – the men were taken to the hospital, where one is stable and the other is in critical condition)

FORKLIFT FATALITY Man Dies After Forklift Falls On Him (the 45-year-old man was trying to back the machine out of a large moving truck at a recycling center at the dump when the accident occurred – the forklift crushed the victim’s skull – medics took him to a Hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later)

MINE FATALITY Worker dies in accident at S.Africa’s ARM mine (a worker died at an iron ore mine when a truck he was driving collided with another)

EXPLOSION FATALITY Plant blast kills one, injures six in Beijing (an explosion kills one worker, 44, and injured six others in a fire-extinguisher plant – accident occurred at about 9 a.m. when more than 10 people were working at the plant – among the injured was the plant manager – police found detonators and sulfur, both necessary for the making of the extinguisher, at the site)

Multiple Fingers Amputated Worker injured at Corinth pallet factory (an employee at a pallet factory severed several fingers in an accident – the plant builds pallets for local and regional companies, with the aim of training the employees to apply for jobs in the competitive job market – the injured worker had been airlifted to a medical facility that specializes in treating severed digits)


FATAL FALL Norman Man Dies In Construction Accident (a 22-year-old man fell to his death while working on the construction of a water tower – he fell at about 1:15 p.m. while transitioning from a ladder to some construction scaffolding – the scaffolding broke and he fell 131 feet to his death)

Backhoe tips at Rochester construction site (a backhoe tipped over – the equipment became off balanced and tipped – there was someone inside the cab, but he was able to get out and was not hurt – crews will bring in a crane to sit the backhoe upright – there was minor damage to the building’s foundation)

Road Workers Struck By Vehicle (link issues)

Trench Accident Concrete pipe traps worker in trench (a special team of paramedics rescued a 36-year-old construction worker who was trapped in a watery trench by a large concrete pipe – he is expected to recover from his injuries after the 10:55 a.m. accident at a road-expansion site – he was helping to move the 42-inch pipe when it slammed into his abdomen and pinned him in a trench about 8 to 10 feet deep)

Trench Accident Miracle escape as worker buried alive (a construction worker, 39, was buried alive when the earth caved in as he worked in a manhole – the man was working under circumstances being investigated – the ground gave way burying him in dirt – for about 90-minutes fire department officials worked to free the man who emerged from the accident alive – he was taken to a hospital where he received first aid and was released)

ELECTROCUTION Man electrocuted in Midtown Tucson identified as Ashton worker (a man, 61, was electrocuted – he was a senior electrical supervisor – he worked for the company more than 10 years – it appears that he was setting up a light post when it touched some overhead power lines)

TRENCH FATALITY Dirt covers men, kills one (one man, 52, is dead, while another is in hospital in serious condition after an accident – he was killed while digging a hole to install a sewage main – about 11am, he and a colleague were in a 10 foot deep trench when soil which had been excavated fell back into the hole covering the men – his colleague was quickly pulled from the rubble and taken to hospital but it took rescuers two hours to get him out of the trench – he was pronounced dead at hospital)


Worker Killed On Justin Timberlake’s Golf Course (a construction worker has been killed on a golf course after a 100-foot tree fell on top of him – the accident occurred at approximately 8:30 a.m., when the man was trying to remove the tree from the course)

Fall Construction worker hurt at Banner School (a 42-year-old school employee was flown to shock trauma with severe head injuries after apparently falling off of scaffolding at a construction site at the school – the victim had fallen while working on or near some construction scaffolding – school personnel performed critical first-aid on the victim until fire and rescue units arrived)