View iPhone Email Setup Instructions

Step 1

  • Go to the Settings Menu
  • Tap on the "Mail" SubMenu
  • Tap on the "Accounts" Menu at the top
  • Tap on "Add Account" and you should see the menu to the right

Step 2

  • Tap on the option that says "other"
  • Tap on "Add New Account"
  • Fill in your "Name", "Email", "Password" and "Description" (example to left)

Step 3

  • Tap "Next"
  • Tap "Pop" at the top of the next screen
  • "Name", "Email" and "Description" should already be filled out as well as Incoming "Password"
  • Fill out ALL remaining fields
    • Incoming Mail Server "Host Name":
    • Outgoing Mail Server "Host Name":
    • Username is your FULL Email Address

Step 4

  • Tap "Save"
  • The "Verify" process can take a few minutes, please be patient
  • Once verified your email is on your phone

View Android Email Setup Instructions

  • Open the "Email" app on your phone
  • Click "Add New Account"
  • Type your full email address and password
  • Click "Manual Setup" at the bottom
  • Click "POP3 account"

  • The Email Address and User name MUST be your full email address
  • Set the "POP3 server" to:
  • Set the "SMTP server" to:
  • "Authentication required before sending emails" must be ON
  • Click Next at the bottom to finish