In an effort to continually enhance the skills and marketability of our membership, and to make sure we continue to equip our members with some of the best training and ongoing learning opportunities in the industry, our Local embarked upon a monumental task of establishing an advanced Lineman Training Facility.

What started as a concept with the vision provided by Business Manager Steve Hughart, is being turned into reality by Business Representative Scott Kerley.  The two are constantly discussing and evaluating all of the next steps necessary to make sure the facility that is being developed contains all of the necessary features needed to implement a full indoor and outdoor training program, not just for Apprentice Lineman, but for ongoing education and training of current and future Journeymen.

To date (October, 2017), the site has been graded, gravel roads have been placed, and all of the initial poles have been set.  This has occurred with the help of some contractors like Sierra Bravo, but all of the pole setting has been through the volunteering of our members and with the assistance of our partner utilties by the borrowing of equipment to set them with.

The site will continue to be developed with a building being constructed for various purposes, but we need to acknowledge several manufacturers who have donated, or are going to donate, to the facility during its construction or at its completion.  To date, here is a list of the manufacturers that have already made a committment or donation to our project:  Nordic Fiberglass, Hubbell Power, Alumaform, Maclean Power, Distran Crossarms, ,Hendrix Molded Products, Earth Contact Products [ Anchors ], and Thomas & Betts.  We thank them for assisting us in helping bring this effort to completion!

We will try to document the continual development of the project through the posting of additional pictures in the album on the Local's Facebook page.  To view the photos there so far, please click here.