Redesigned Website ~ Yes, there's an APP for that!!!

If you are not successful installing and running the App with the instructions below, please click here for additional information.

IBEW Local 702 is excited to announce a major remodel and update to our website.  While our last revision of almost ten (10) years ago was a huge step forward from what the existing site was, the Local Union Executive Board reviewed a presentation back in January of this year, and, after being convinced that there were enough technological changes and opportunities that existed to make our website more user friendly, and the ability to coordinate it with a mobile app ~ a feature we believe more and more of our members are or will utilize moving forward ~ made the decision an easy one.  This new site will have many features (such as incorporating a "mobile device friendly format", which should drastically improve the user's experience on smartphones and tablets) and pages that are open and viewable to the public, but there will additionally be sections that are password protected and only members with logins and passwords will be able to view them.  Furthermore, members will have the ability to update their personal information right from their phone, as well as pay dues and some branches bid on jobs.

For those that are interested in the mobile app, you can search for it in the Apple Store or Google Play Store under the name “UnionsGetIt”, and the logo should look like this:


Once downloaded, there will be a login screen that comes up and looks like this:

You should enter 702 for Local Union and then enter your Card Number in the designated space.  After that, you will be asked for a username and password.  The first time you login, it will be your last name and card number.  After that, you will have the ability to change them.

Once logged in, you will see the following screen:

From here, you can navigate the app and all that it offers.  In order to pay dues, to view the tutorial on it, please click here!