Many of you have heard or are following an amazing story that occurred in Central Illinois. Here are the phenomenal details:

On Monday,  November 26th, four (4) of our Local 702 members working for Henkels & McCoy on a transmission line near Eldorado, Illinois, were doing cleanup on the Right Of Way (ROW) as the project was nearing completion. The crew was well aware of a man that lived close to the structure they were at, and throughout the job he would drive his tractor out on the ROW to talk and watch the crews, because he was impressed with the equipment and the work they were doing. As the two apprentices were working, they noticed the man’s tractor coming over the hill toward them. Not thinking much of it, they continued to work and just thought the man was coming out to visit. As the tractor came closer, it seemed the man was slumped over in his seat. One of the apprentices was on the bulldozer as the man passed by very slowly and realized something was definitely wrong. He shut the bulldozer down and headed toward the tractor, and at the same time the other apprentice realized there was a problem and also went to assist. They boarded the tractor and turned the key off as the tractor came to a stop in some bushes. They then checked on the man, and realized he didn’t have a pulse. They carefully got him to the ground, and removed his coat. At this time, one apprentice called 911, put the phone on speaker, and began CPR; the other apprentice assisted with getting the address and took a truck out to the nearest road, and turned the flashers on while calling the foreman of the crew. After starting CPR, the man began gasping for air and had a faint pulse, but the pulse was lost after a minute or so. CPR was started again and the cycle was repeated 4 to 5 times. After a short while the foreman arrived and relieved the apprentice of the chest compressions until the ambulance arrived. At this time, the other lineman that was over the hill on another piece of machinery, heard the ambulance and rushed over to assist. The crew continued chest compressions and helped get the man into the ambulance. The man was transported to the local hospital, about 5 minutes away, where he was air lifted to Evansville, Indiana, for further medical treatment. As of 9:00 AM on Thursday November 29th the man was still in ICU but alert and doing well.

IBEW Local 702 wants to extend our proudest appreciation to Journeyman Linemen Delman Mayhew, Chance Lenon, and Apprentice Linemen Charles Hofmann and Payton Clark. Well done, men.

On Wednesday, December 5th, we received the following message from a member of the EMS responding crew:

Your guys done a phenomenal job on the scene. I work for Deaconess Illinois EMS and my crew is the ones who showed up that day. I’ve always wondered about the outcome of our patient and this story is amazing! When we got to the hospital, he had a pulse of 38 and was breathing on his own. I know without a doubt his outcome wouldn’t have been promising without your crew and we would love to meet all of you sometime. After a call, we rarely get to see our pt again or hear about the outcome! Thank you for posting this!

I was told by the local sheriff's deputy that it went as smooth as any cardiac arrest had ever gone... everyone worked together so well! You would have thought we were all one big crew who had worked these types of calls together before.

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